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Audio playback, Statistics and others

Numerous enhnacements have been made to support audio (mp3 and aac) alongside video (mp4).

Additionally, the statistics system has been enhanced to provide a higher level of detail

Enhancement – General – Change playlist capability to detect media type (audio or video)
Enhancement – WordPress plugin – add audio capabilities
Enhancement – API – episodes – add audio capabilities
Enhancement – Media Uploader – Ability to upload mp3 format files during upload, auto-detect type based on extension. Must be in AAC or MP3 format to be supported.
Enhancement – Series/Special and Recent view of content have a filter on type
Enhancement – Episode Editor – revamped to allow preview playback of audio OR video
Enhancement – Episode editor – Added episode length field in advanced section. Length is captured during episode upload process.
Enhancement – WordPress plugin – add video overlay to WordPress plugin
Enhancement – S3 Manager – Speed up loading in S3 Manager
Enhancement – S3 Manager – Ability to delete orphaned files
Enhancement – API Keys – add “Are you sure” confirmation on change
Enhancement – Statistics – Drill-down on Producers for detailed statistics (daily/monthly)
Enhancement – Statistics – Drill-down on Series for detailed statistics (daily/monthly)
Enhancement – Statistics – Drill-down on Episodes for detailed statistics (daily/monthly)
Enhancement – Admin Login – Re-style sign-in page.
Enhancement – Episode Editor – Send Email Popup should fade-in/fade-out and be placed centered
Enhancement – Episode Editor – Added Share this email link for embed codes

Bug Fix – Cursor won’t change to hand on Episode Editor under Embed tag in Firefox
Bug Fix – do not show video episode statistics when there are none to display.

Document management, mobile devices, commenting and more

The administrative portal has recently been update to include several new features:

  • Document Management – Now station managers can keep documents required for TV shows in the back-end for quick access
  • HTML5 with JWPlayer 5 – We recently switched to using JW Player5 which supports html5. Your videos can now be played using either flash or HTML5 allowing for full mobile support on Tablets and most smartphones. Fallback to flash is still supported for those who don’t support HTML5 video.
  •  Hidden episodes and categories support – Now you can hide specific categories or episodes if required. Hidden episodes are still accesible (vs. disabled episodes), however, they will not appear in lists or searchs. Useful for paid embeded content.
  • A full featured comment system is now being developed.

We’re adding new features!

Lot’s of new features are coming soon.

Some of these features include: REST API, WordPress integration and new abilities in the administrative portal.