PEG Systems was designed with community access in mind. However, our management portal offers many cross-over features that may be beneficial to other industries. The media management portal will continue to be engineered to allow for a diverse range of industries.

Some of the markets our system thrives in are:

  • Media Production Environments

  • Traditional TV and Radio Stations

  • Video & Photo Production houses

Companies that have a large library of media but need to deploy onto the web and don’t have the time, budget or staff to develop a custom solution can greatly benefit from using PEG Systems. Manage demo reels, customer content, production projects and versioning in a easy to manage system that requires no programing skills. Provide hosting services to your customers with content embedding and other revenue generating features.

  • University Broadcasting

The medium in which listeners access content has changed. Internet listeners now outnumber traditional radio based listeners. PEG Systems can be paired with your existing technology, providing internet based live playout and media library functions.  

  • Conferences & Trade Shows

If your conference has media to post such as seminars, meetings and workshops, our platform can be easily used to categorize and archive discussions for access at a later time. PEG Systems’ flexible API can be used to create categories for easy separation and navigation.

  • Corporate Outreach

    Companies often have to communicate to both their employees as well as their consumers, clients and suppliers. Our platform can be used on intranet websites to help maintain corporate communications such as marketing / HR & training, as well as internet sites for displaying product videos and corporate communications.

  • Educational courses, Instructional, and online How-to’s

The PEG Systems media platform can be used to air both live and recorded educational lecturers, instructional seminars and quick how-to’s. Site operators can reach out to students and viewers both local and remote. Lessons can easily be organized by subject with archived content from teachers, lecturers and seminars.

  • Web TV & Video Blogging

Build your own Liveleak® or Vimeo® and be up and running quickly by deploying our simple API right on your existing site. With management and search features already built in, and, without the limitations of restrictive policies, video length, format and ratings. PEG Systems is like your own personal YouTube® in a box.

  • Audio & Audio Books

PEG Systems media management portal is not just limited to video. If you are looking to provide access to audio clips, interviews or audio books, our platform can be configured to group audio by language, era, type and content.

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