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Series: What's Up Pleasantville? - 20 episodes available

Episode: Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Airdate: 2022-04-07 | Guests: Sam Selesnick

Host, Joanna VanTrees, interviews actor, Sam Selesnick, about his role in "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" playing on the Community Stage at ARC Stages.
Episode: People Are Talking!!
Airdate: 2022-04-06 | Guests: Joseph Pandalfo Sr. Joseph Pandalfo Jr.

Host, Joanna VanTrees, interviews Joseph Pandalfo Senior and Junior at their Grand Opening about their new Pleasantville restuarant, Chatterbox Restaurant & Bar on 75 Cooley Street.
Episode: The Pleasantville and Ukraine Connection
Airdate: 2022-03-25 | Guests: Yuliia Aquije

Host, Joanna VanTrees, meets with Yuliia Aquije in this special edition of What's Up Pleasantville. Yuliia shares the plight of her family and friends who are suffering due to the war on Ukraine. She also offers ways we can help her homeland.
Episode: Paul of All Trades
Airdate: 2022-03-24 | Guests: W. Paul Alvarez

Host, Joanna VanTrees, speaks with W. Paul Alvarez about coming to Pleasantville as a 9 year old from Ecuador and his law practice. He is a Village Board Trustee, Chamber of Commerce Vice President, and PCTV Board Member.
Episode: A Pizza's a Pizza No Matter How Small
Airdate: 2022-03-17 | Guests: Peter Scherer Lucio's Pizzeria PHS Seussical Cast Members

Host, Joanna VanTrees, goes to "Whoville" with Pleasantville Mayor, Peter Scherer to meet some of the cast members of the Pleasantville High School Musical production of "Seussical" and then makes pizza with Lucio, owner of Lucio's Pizzeria.