Case Study on: PCTV

“PEG Systems helped us save a huge amount of time and money while in the process of modernizing our station”

Changing Landscape

The future of public broadcasting is in jeopardy due to budget cuts, competition with other online media, issues with overlapping cable districts and the advent of networks that do not carry public access.

Pleasantville Community Television (PCTV) faced problems similar to that of many public access stations. PCTV wanted to not only reconnect with disenfranchised community members but increase overall viewership, maximize budget, increase workflow efficiency, and bypass bureaucracy by putting content online.  

Customer Service

PCTV has taken advantage of PEG Systems’ robust customer service; PEG Systems attended board meetings and helped present various proposals and ideas to Town & School officials and involved parties.  PEG Systems incorporated feedback from these meetings to ensure the development of a  solution that met everyone’s needs.   

PEG Systems worked with PCTV to design a budget that allowed the station and two other town entities to combine their budgets and share services. This allows PCTV, the town government and the school system to pool resources and distribute media from one place. By utilizing a shared service agreement,  PCTV was able to generate a revenue stream that would eventually pay off the total cost of the project and start to generate income for the station.

Unique Solutions

After PCTV entertained numerous proposals that only offered further complexity and expense, PCTV engaged PEG Systems to develop a unique solution.  PCTV had envisioned a complete platform that one person could operate from a web-based portal. The base requirements for PCTV were a new website, live streaming, video on demand, and a scalable way to manage their content library, simplifying their workflow.