Case Study on: PCTV

Digital Asset Management

PCTV has benefited from PEG System’s low-cost media management platform. This system allows PCTV to upload thousands of hours of standard and high definition video that can be easily categorized and maintained. They can quickly manage media metadata now, such as series, producers, hosts, search terms  as well as ad  jump points, player pre-roll and sponsored videos in one place. The station manager only spends a few minutes a day uploading content, which he does by simply dragging and dropping media from his desktop to the management portal and then approving it to go live. Ultimately the PEG Systems platform allows PCTV to spend more time working on creative projects and less time managing online media assets.

Cloud-Based Solution

Since PCTV’s media library is in a state of continual growth and expansion, it could not be limited to traditional hardware solutions. PEG Systems turned to the power of the cloud and utilized Amazon’s content delivery network which allows customers like PCTV to grow while removing hardware, maintenance and bandwidth overhead.

Using Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront, one of the largest content delivery systems, PEG Systems is able to pass on the savings to PCTV.  They are now able to host their entire media library online for less than $30 a month; comparable hardware solutions cost upwards of $10,000 annually.

There are a number of other benefits to using a cloud-based platform; PCTV doesn’t need to worry about backing up data since it is not stored locally.  No upfront hardware needs to be purchased or maintained.  Finally, this solution is scalable as PCTV grows; it only pays for what it uses and does not need to worrying about hardware or bandwidth capacity.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

PCTV is now using the live-streaming solution developed by PEG Systems.  This solution utilizes a content delivery network to alleviate the high cost of bandwidth and hardware fees and eliminates the high cost of investing in infrastructure that quickly becomes outdated.    

Users can also view PCTV content anywhere, anytime. The PEG Systems platform is designed to support PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. In addition to this, PCTV can broadcast on location from town events wherever they have access to the internet with little more than a laptop and a camera.