Case Study on: PCTV

Flexible Analytic Capabilities

The media management portal allows PCTV to analyze detailed viewer statistics from both on demand and live streaming systems.  PCTV can see both historical and current viewership of individual episodes, series, specials and even overall popularity of a producer.  This  allows them to analyze trends related to viewership.

The data has proven invaluable and PCTV is beginning to make informed decisions about future programming based on data they have gained from the platform.   They are able to give meaningful feedback to producers, hosts and guests about the content they have been a part of. This data has also brought in sponsored ad revenue and has also uncovered new markets; for example, PCTV has learned that there are a significant number of foreign viewers.


PCTV’s use of the PEG Systems platform has benefited them in many ways. This has resulted in savings in operations, budget and time.

  • Developed a shared services contract creating $6,000 in additional revenue each year.

  • United and affiliated 3 separate local broadcasting centers.

  • Lowered overhead by nearly $10,000 a year.

  • Saved 700+ Man hours a year in operations.

  • Increased outreach to disenfranchised users.

  • Allowed PCTV to be a centralized media hub of the community.

  • Created new ways for the public to interact with the station.

  • Allowed PCTV to be excited about taking advantage of future technologies.  

In addition to gaining efficiency in their daily operations, PCTV achieved a number of benefits they weren’t anticipating.  They have been able to generate revenue from the website by offering services such as video hosting and editing.