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The Village Board Meeting of 12-10-18
 Monthly Views: 6
 Airdate: 2018-12-10
Total Views: 6
Traffic Study Associated with Manville Corridor Improvement Project & Memorial Plaza Civic Space Project Presented by HVEA Engineers, PC
Res. No. 2018-255 Approve Parade Permit for BTH Foundation Into the Light Walk Sunday June 9,2019
Res. No. 2018-256 Approval of Hourly Rate Increase for Panther Club Recreation
Res. No. 2018-257 Accept Donations
Res. No.2018-258 Establishing the Village Board as Lead Agency with Respect to the Manville Road Corridor Improvement Project and Scheduling of Public of Hearing
Res. No. 2018-259 Approval of Pre-Check Register
Res. No. 2018-260 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2018-261 Award Bid for Periodic Electrical Repair, Installation and Upgrade Services to PRM Electric, Inc.
Res. No. 2018-262 Approve Petty Cash Increase for Recreation Department
Res. No. 2018-263 Authorize Village Administrator to Sign Memorandum of Agreement for Westchester Records Online
Category: Government
Guests: none
The Board of Education Meeting of 11-27-18
 Monthly Views: 3
 Airdate: 2018-11-27
Total Views: 3
The Board of Education is recognized by the administration and parent groups for the work that they do.
Category: Education
Guests: none
Coyotes In Southern New York
 Monthly Views: 81
 Airdate: 2018-11-29
Total Views: 82
This is the second informational meeting on coyotes filmed, Nov. 29, at 7:30PM at the Clinton Street Center (1A Clinton Street). Guest speaker Chris Nagy, co-founder of Gotham Coyote and Director of Research at Mianus River Gorge, shares his extensive experience with coyotes as a wildlife biologist. His bio can be found here: http://www.gothamcoyote.com/our-team.html
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Chris Nagy, wildlife biologist
The Village Board Meeting of 11-26-2018
 Monthly Views: 6
 Airdate: 2018-11-26
Total Views: 10
Annual Youth Recognition Awards
South View Street Parking Petition
Res. No. 2018-245 Authorize Village Administrator to Sign Agreement with BFJ Planning for Parking Study
Res. No. 2018-246 Authorize Village Administrator to Sign Agreement with Valuation Plus for Appraisal of Parcels in Cooley Street Parking Lot
Res. No. 2018-247 Approval of Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce Music in the Village Saturday December 8, 2018
Res. No. 2018-248 Determination that Proposed Actions are Type II Actions for Purposes of the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act
Res. No. 2018-249 Bond Resolution of the Village of Pleasantville, Westchester County, New York Authorizing the Issuance of $225,000 Serial Bonds to Finance the Purchase of Machinery and Apparatus for the Department of Public Works
Res. No. 2018-250 Accept Resignation of Community Service Worker, Gary Gibbs
Res. No. 2018-251 Approval of Budget Amendments
Res. No. 2018-252 Approval of Pre-Check Register
Res. No. 2018-253 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2018-254 Accept Retirement of Motor Equipment Operator, Edwin Rivera
Res. No. 2018-255 Approval of Appointment Recreation Assistant, Eric Casarella
Category: Government
Guests: none
The Board of Education Meeting of 11-13-18
 Monthly Views: 6
 Airdate: 2018-11-13
Total Views: 42
Agenda items for discussion:
PUFSD Strategic Plan " Progress Report
Pleasantville STRONG " Community Coalition
Legislative Advocacy " Joint Topics
Parkway Improvements
Parks & Rec Board Liaison Discussion
Traffic Updates
Crosswalk " MS access to Soldiers and Sailors
Village Development
Mount Pleasant Public Library Update
Category: Education
Guests: The Village Board