The Village Board Meeting of 06-14-2021
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 Airdate: 2021-06-14
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Introductory Local Law 3 of 2021 Amend Chapter 98 of the Code of Village Pleasantville concerning the Fire Prevention and Building Construction
Res. No. 2021-151 Pleasantville High School Graduation, Friday, June 25, 2021
Res. No. 2021-152 Approval of Promotion and Salary Increase to Motor Equipment Operator Specialist/ Robert Boustani
Res. No. 2021-153 Approve New Hire Part Time Driver / Danielle ORielly
Res. No. 2021-154 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2021-155 Approval of Budget Amendment for Village Hall HVAC Project and Oil Tank Removal
Res. No. 2021-156 Approval of Budget Amendments FYE 2021
Res. No. 2021-157 Approval of Budget Amendments FYE 2022
Res. No. 2021-158 Approval of Payment of Claims FYE 2021
Res. No. 2021-159 Approval of Payment of Claims FYE 2022
Res. No. 2021-160 Adopt Bond Resolution Authorizing Issuance of an additional $1,400,000 Serial Bonds to Finance the Manville Road Corridor Improvement Project
Res. No. 2021-161 Authorize to Sign Agreement with William C. Link LLC
Res. No. 2021-162 Adoption of Local Law 4 of 2021 Amending Chapter 98 of the Code of the Village of Pleasantville Concerning Fees for Building Permit Renewals
Res. No. 2021- 163 Adoption of Local Law 5 of 2021 to Amend Chapter 185 of the Code of the Village of Pleasantville Concerning Zoning
Res. No. 2021-164 Authorize Village Administrator to Renew Agreement for Planning Advisory Services with Frederick P. Clark Associates/Hardesty & Hanover
Res. No. 2021-165 Schedule Public Hearing for the Introductory Local Law 5 of 2021 amending Chapter 14, Section 5 and Create Chapter 14, Section 9 of the Code of the Village of Pleasantville concerning the composition of the Board of Ethics of the Village of PleasantvilleRes. No. 2021-166 Approve Reduction of 2022 Tax Bill Number 1513 and 1615
Res. No. 2021 - 167 Authorizing a Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for the Enclave at Pleasantville
Res. No. 2021-168 Accept Resignation Community Service Worker/ Justin Carlson
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The Village Board Work Session of 06-14-2021
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 Airdate: 2021-06-14
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Work Session Agenda:
7:00pm Leaf Blower Presentation by Trustee Asquith
7:30pm Memorial Plaza South Project Update
7:35pm Discussion about Request from 70 Memorial to Extend License Agreement for Memorial Plaza Parking Spaces
7:40pm Update on Village Hall HVAC Project
7:45pm Update on Marijuana Legalization and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds
8:30pm Executive Session to discuss a contract
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Pedestrian Committee Public Forum of 06/07/2021
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 Airdate: 2021-06-07
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The Village of Pleasantville Pedestrian Safety Committe hold a public forum outlining who they are, what they've done and their plans for the future on June 7, 2021.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Pedestrian Safety Committee
The Unsent Letter
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 Airdate: 2021-06-08
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Clare Coss, a playwrite and former student at LSU, has a conversation with A.P. Tureaud Jr., the first black undergraduate student at LSU, about their time there and a formerly "Unsent Letter".
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Clare Coss A.P. Tureaud Jr.
Memorial Day Ceremony 2021
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 Airdate: 2021-05-31
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The Village of Pleasantville's 2021 Memorial Day Ceremony at 10am May 31, 2021 at Memorial Plaza, Pleasantville.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: none

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