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A Man of a Certain Age
 Monthly Views: 0
 Airdate: 2017-04-25
Total Views: 45
Jim Horigan's trailer for his show concept "A Man of a Certain Age".
Category: Media Access Pleasantville
Guests: none
Soul Brewing Co. Ribbon Cutting
 Series: Chamber Chat
 Monthly Views: 3
 Airdate: 2021-04-08
Total Views: 3
Soul Brewing Co's Ribbon Cutting & 1 Year Anniversary of April 8, 2021.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Allen Wallace Nick Antonaccio Bill Flooks Mayor Peter Scherer County Executive George Latimer
The PCTV 2021 Talent Contest
 Monthly Views: 6
 Airdate: 2021-03-20
Total Views: 172
Pleasantville Community Television (PCTV) Congratulates the Winners of the 2021 PCTV Video Talent Contest:
Ella Berger, Best Comedian
Daniel Choi,Best Instrumental, Teen
Michael Lamberti, Best Drums
Maria, Monica and Marco Lamberti, Best Musical Group
Chloe Ramsey Lavoie, Best Pianist, Teen
Jack Mattison, Best Original Song and Pianist, 12 and Under
Nikki Samios, Best Female Vocals, 12 & Under
Joe Sdao, Best Original Song, Teen
Anahita Subramanya, Best Vocals, Teen
Christopher Suriano, Best Male Vocal, 12 and Under
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: none
The Village Work Session of 03-15-2021
 Monthly Views: 0
 Airdate: 2021-03-15
Total Views: 14
Work Session Agenda:
7:00pm PCTV Budget & Contract Review
7:30pm Follow Up 2021 Summer Camp Planning Discussion
7:45pm Discussion FYE 2022 Budget - Recreation & Parks Department
Category: Government
Guests: none
A Conversation with Michael Peppard
 Monthly Views: 1
 Airdate: 2021-03-09
Total Views: 23
Martin Wilbur, Editor-In-Chief of The Examiner News, interviews Michael Peppard, Village of Pleasantville Trustee Candidate, about his vision for the position and community.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Michael Peppard